GREx institutes are able to benefit from the strong governance and support provided under the GREx model.

All GREx institutes will  leverage the direction guidance and support provided by the UBC Research + Innovation Council, the GREx Secretariat and the GREx Resource Pool.

In addition to these shared support mechanisms, each GREx institute is required to have its own international Scientific Advisory Board.

Under this governance and support model, each GREx institute will have the authority to recruit faculty into approved tenure track positions to fulfill the mandate and vision of the Institute, and will retain control of its operating budget, including recruitment of staff, technical support, students, etc.

GREx Governance


UBC Research & Innovation Council

The Council, comprising: the VP Research and International (VPRI, chair); the Provost and Vice-President Academic; the Associate VP Research and Innovation; the Associate Vice President Research & UBC-Okanagan Vice Principal Research; three Deans; and three external members, is responsible for providing oversight of major research innovation initiatives including all future GREx Institutes. The Council will establish clear criteria for GREx institutes to continue beyond defined funding periods, and will dissolve an Institute if the criteria are not met. Each GREx institute will have a Scientific Director (SD) who reports to the Council.

GREx Secretariat

The secretariat consists of professional resource staff which will include dedicated personnel responsible for activities such as finance, metrics, communications, reporting and education, who report to the Associate Vice President Research and Innovation.

GREx Resource Pool

The resource pool from which GREx institutes can draw expertise and support includes technology transfer, knowledge transfer, information technology, human resources and legal support.

Scientific Advisory Board

The mandate of each of the scientific advisory boards is to provide recommendations to the scientific director of the relevant GREx institute on all aspects of the research program with regard to directions and potentially interesting areas of applications.

The research and activities of the GREx Secretariat and SBQMI are undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.