GREx institutes have key features in addition to the normal features and governance of Institutes and Centres at UBC.

Key Features

  • They are nominated for GREx status by agreement between Director of the Institute, a Dean or Deans, and the Vice-President Research and Innovation before a funding competition
  • Formal designation as a GREx status is conditional on receiving major external funding such as the Canada First Research Excellence Fund or similar major national or international funding, and approval by Senate
  • Typically multi-Faculty, although a single-Faculty unit is not precluded
  •  Led by a Scientific Director who reports to a Dean or Deans
  • They will have the authority to recruit faculty into approved tenure-track positions within a department/Faculty to fulfill the mandate and vision of the institute
  • They will have an open, flat and non-hierarchical culture that commits to equity and inclusion, to track equity metrics, measure and monitoring success
  • They have an international research advisory board, and a research strategy committee,
  • They monitor risks, have clear criteria for success. They must demonstrate and track excellence across key metrics, including:
    1. research inputs (external funding, research chairs, scholarships and fellowships); 
    2. research outputs (publications, books, awards and prizes, intellectual property, training of highly qualified personnel); and
    3.  impacts (academic (collaborations or partnerships), social (policy, processes, increasing quality of life, health, or creative output), and economic (industrial partners, inventions and patents, spin-off companies, licenses))
  • An institute will lose GREx designation if the criteria above are not met, or sustainable funding is not maintained
  • Loss of status as a GREx institute will be made on recommendation to Senate of a Dean or Deans and the Vice-President Research and Innovation.
  • Loss of GREx status does not preclude the unit continuing to exist if desired by a Faculty or Faculties


The research and activities of the GREx Secretariat and SBQMI are undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.