To accelerate scientific breakthrough, CFREF funding is assisting SBQMI in building a team of world-class researchers who will work together to drive highly collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. 

Since the inception of the Canada Research Chair (CRC) program, this cluster has grown through eight CRC appointments. In bringing together a strong faculty team supported by Research Associates, Engineering Technicians and postdoctoral fellows, SBQMI has successfully integrated complementary capabilities and disciplines: theory, world-leading crystal growth, mesocopic device transport and world-class spectroscopic capabilities. In this way, we will increase our translational capacity to demonstrate proof-of-concept engineered materials and devices, helping to identify research discoveries that are suitable for further applied development by industry.

Meet the SBQMI Team


The research and activities of the GREx Secretariat and SBQMI are undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.