As the first UBC GREx institute, SBQMI's leadership model will provide maximum support to these efforts by building strong internal leadership and leveraging the expertise of external governance and advisory bodies.

Governance Model


UBC Research and Innovation Council: reviews the activities of SBQMI and the Scientific Director and provides guidance on the allocation of funds and focus of SBQMI faculty and staff.

GREx Secretariat: oversees SBQMI’s administrative and financial affairs, providing guidance to faculty and staff on matters such as finance and administration.

GREx Resource Pool: under the direction of the GREx Secretariat, the GREx Resource Pool provides additional resources to conduct its administrative activities in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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International Scientific Advisory Board: world leaders from industry and academia, selected for their expertise in areas of particular relevance to SBQMI, provide advice and guidance to the Scientific Director on the overall direction of SBQMI research activities, potentially interesting areas of application


Scientific Director: appointed by the GREx Secretariat, the Scientific Director retains overall responsibility for all aspects of SBQMI, sets scientific priorities, interfaces with partner organizations and SBQMI researchers and ensures timely and frequent communication with stakeholders, partner organizations, funders, the UBC Research and Innovation Council and the GREx Secretariat. 

Director Business Development: builds the bridge to industry partners, seeking promising applications for SBQMI’s research and building the partnerships that will accelerate the translation of research to commercial devices.

Managing Director: oversees all administrative and operational activities of SBQMI, ensuring that the research teams have the resources they need and can focus the maximum amount of time and energy on pursuing their research activities.

Executive Committee: assists the Scientific Director to set scientific strategy, make resource allocation, strategic planning and risk management decisions, utilizing the advice and guidance of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Meet the SBQMI Leadership Team

Andrea Damascelli, Scientific Director

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The research and activities of the GREx Secretariat and SBQMI are undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.