Karl Jessen, Director of Business Development, shares a few thoughts about joining SBQMI following its CFREF funding. 

What attracted you to join SBQMI?

It’s rare to have the chance to be involved with the development of an organization like SBQMI. The potential is amazing on many levels. Here we have internationally renowned researchers coming together to integrate the most cutting edge quantum materials, modeling and measurement into the realm of things we can use.  It’s still early days for this next phase, but a tremendous effort like SBQMI, backed by the University and the government, is how breakthrough technology moves into industry and improves society. Plus this is a fantastically collaborative group – expect great things.

What skills do you have that the CFREF Funding has allowed SBQMI to invest in that other research groups simply aren't able to? 

SBQMI is looking to do something different and is creating a parallel, external-facing effort to complement their world-class quantum research breakthroughs – and that could take many forms. We’re developing those complementary activities with a focus on creating commercialization opportunities.  Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in identifying, developing and moving innovations into industry.  SBQMI has a diverse portfolio of material creation, modeling and measurement techniques and it will take some effort to carefully craft our approach to bring the right technology to the right company at right time.  And having worked globally with a diverse range of technologies and companies, I think I can introduce a broad network of business contacts to SBQMI breakthroughs and encourage the right relationships.  Every day is exciting on this journey.

What role are you hoping to play to help SBQMI achieve its goals?

Today, we’re getting moving and setting the stage.  In the future, I hope to have created a natural and sustainable connection with the companies and organizations that can create business with our discoveries and innovations, as well cement SBQMI’s position as a leader in quantum materials research for the province and Canada.

The research and activities of the GREx Secretariat and SBQMI are undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.