Sheila Moynihan, Managing Director, shares a few thoughts about the CFREF funding and the impact it will have on SBQMI. 

What attracted you to the SBQMI?

When I first became aware of SBQMI I saw two things in it – a group of fantastically bright people who understand the power of a collegial environment, and the very exciting opportunity to be part of building something that will last and will bring great benefits to society and to our economy. Our researchers are trying to answer very difficult questions and explore very difficult, as yet unsolved problems.  They have learned that sometimes the answers are found in different disciplines than their own and this is what brought them together to form SBQMI- the chance to share ideas and learn from each other.   But SBQMI is not just about research.  It is also about learning and teaching – being a place where everyone can come to share and expand their knowledge of quantum physics. 

What skills do you have that the CFREF Funding has allowed QMI to invest in that other research groups simply aren't able to? 

CFREF funding has enabled SBQMI to leverage the excellence and expertise of its core group of scientists by hiring new faculty and researchers but also by hiring and building the administrative and operational team that will support their work by freeing them to focus on science. As SBQMI grows, its members wanted to make sure that the collegial atmosphere that makes ideas and learning happen is protected. As a consultant, I spent many years working with companies in the high tech and bio tech sectors – scientists trying to find answers to difficult problems.  My role was always to support them by building and developing strong leadership teams and facilitating them to set and implement their strategy, values and culture.  I am excited that I have the opportunity to do this now with one organization – especially one with such a great vision.

What role are you hoping to play to help SBQMI meet its goals? 

As the Managing Director, I will work with the researchers to support their scientific activities - understand their administrative and operational needs, build the teams that will provide these services, and ensure that the programs are in place to realize SBQMI’s dream of becoming a world renowned centre of learning for everyone.

The research and activities of the GREx Secretariat and SBQMI are undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.